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September Newsletter

By September 14, 2020 October 14th, 2020 Uncategorized

Happy Fall!

I am not sure where the summer went, but I do know it was beautiful! Now comes Fall,
and for many, I know this will bring new stressors as back to school and all that that
entails becomes clearer. We wish you the very best as we all shift gears and see how this
next season is going to unfold!

Clinic Update:

We continue to offer both curbside treatment (with window visibility in
our front waiting room) as well as In-clinic appointments – whichever you feel most
comfortable with. If you choose to come into the clinic, then we ask that you assist us
with the following points:
1. Please bring your mask and sanitize your hands when you come into the clinic.
Since it is hard to maintain a 2m distance at all times, we ask that anyone in the
building please wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, we will provide them for
small fee ($2/mask).
2. If you have travelled in the last 2 weeks, have any symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19,
or have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting results, we ask that you do not come
into the clinic, but let us know so we can work together to find an alternate solution (curbside
treatment, telemedicine, ship medications etc etc – we are good at coming up with ways to help our clients and patients while keeping everyone safe!). Our goal is to keep our staff safe, our clients safe,
and continue to be able to offer veterinary care for everyone and anyone who needs our help – and to
do this, we need your assistance.


We have a new app! Pet Desk!

PetDesk is a free app is for our clients, and allows you to book, confirm and reschedule appointments easily, as well as request prescription refills at any time of the day or night.
Now that the inevitable kinks of a new system are worked out, we have had really good feedback that it is a
user-friendly, convenient system. You can find more info on our website, just look for the little icon to
above, or send us an email/call and we will forward you the link to download the app!


Manitoba Tick & Heartworm
Report, Aug. 20, 2020:

– 495 dogs positive for Lyme
– 48 dogs positive for heartworm
– 209 dogs positive for Anaplasma
– 26 dogs tested positive for
Reporting of these diseases is not
mandatory, so many unreported
tests are also done.


Welcome to the team Kendall!

Kendall is a Registered Veterinary Technician, who recently joined us!
Kendall brings with her a wealth of experience from her 8 years as an RVT, both in general practice, as well as emergency clinics.
She has a particular interest in dentistry, which is fantastic as Dr. Leigh Chisholm does too. So they are the dental duo now!
Kendall has a beautiful dog, Senna, and a kitty named Beastie.


August Trivia Winners!

Calvin and his family won the Dairy Queen prize,
and we think he looks quite pleased!
We hope everyone enjoyed a summery treat!
Want to be in on the monthly trivia? Please watch your mail for our printed newsletter that comes right to your home! Then, be the first to call with the right answer! 









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