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By October 1, 2021 October 28th, 2021 Newsletter
By Dr. Bronwyn Chisholm

Although composting is an amazing way to dispose of unwanted materials, there is a little known-toxin that can also thrive in composts: Penicillium crustosom. If our dogs (usually cats are a little more discerning in their preferences for tasty morsels!) develop a taste for compost waste, they can ingest this toxin which causes severe tremors and seizures. The next time you cross paths with Dr. Leigh, ask him about the case he treated when we were practicing rural veterinary medicine out west! All’s well that ends well as Dr. Leigh was successfully able to get the patient through the toxicity to a full recovery. That said, treatment is supportive once symptoms develop, there is no antidote, and so the best remedy is simply ensuring that our furry friends do not get into the compost bin.

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Tequila is on high-alert and ready to pounce!

Meet Tequila (pictured right and below), our beautiful Toyger patient! Toygers originated from the crossing of a Bengal with a domestic short hair, eventually resulting in the striking and unique patterning, mimicking those of a tiger. They have a wonderful, playful and intelligent personality. Here is what Tequila’s humans have to say about their handsome fella:

“Tequila is such a fun, active, and friendly kitten! True to his breed, he’s the most “dog-like” cat I’ve ever encountered. He likes to rough and tumble with other puppies, loves playing in water, and would much rather be in the action than be left alone. He’s so loving and we are so lucky to have him!”


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Congratulations to Clara and her people who won the September newsletter prize! Isn’t Clara beautiful?!

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