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May 2021 Newsletter

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It is no secret that cats are incredible animals – able to fall from tall heights and land on their feet, unharmed, able to come back from serious disease like few other species we treat. And so the question arises: What about cats and tick-borne diseases and heartworm?


Most cats are fastidious groomers, taking wonderful care of their appearance. As a result, ticks rarely stay latched on long enough to transmit disease before they are removed by the cat’s very rough tongue. So the current recommendation is that tick preventatives are not necessary for cats as a general rule. However, if you notice engorged ticks on your cat, let us know as there are exceptions to the rule and we can always help with that!

Heartworm disease:

Again, cats come out in the lead in terms of disease resistance.
Research shows it is much harder for a cat to become infected by Heartworms than dogs.
Unfortunately though, due to a cat’s small size, and the worms giant
size, infection is very very serious – even one pencil-sized worm in the heart of a cat can prove fatal.
So if your cat spends a lot of time outside, then we would recommend using a product called Revolution, once per month from June 1st- November 1st to prevent Heartworm.
Products toxic to cats: As tick season is in full swing, one product that should be avoided if you have cats is K9 Advantix. This product is safe for dogs, but is so toxic to cats that it can be fatal for them to just be in contact with a dog who is on this product.


Luna and Remus were the lucky winners of our April Trivia corner!


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