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July 2020 Newsletter

By July 1, 2020 December 26th, 2023 Cats, Dogs, Newsletter

Happy Canada Day! It has been quite the year so far, and we wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very happy Canada Day, and commend everyone for the tremendous job that has been done not only to keep COVID-19 so well under control here in MB, but also for staying so optimistic and resilient in the face of social distancing and dramatic economic impacts. We are certainly rooting for everyone and working hard to do our part too! And may this great country come through this challenge stronger, and perhaps a little kinder to each other than before – let’s make this struggle have a silver lining!

The Tick Report
Despite the wind howling, and frequently cool days, we’ve been seeing a lot of tick. Even some of our patients who have not left their backyards in the city have been bitten by multiple ticks, and usually we would say that is a fairly low risk environment. Although the weather hasn’t been all we’ve been wishing for, it seems the ticks are thriving in the current conditions. So if your dog is not on a monthly tick preventative, this might be something to consider. And if your cat is outside a lot, again this might be a year to consider using a preventative. Please feel free to contact us and we can talk through some options that would be a good fit for you and your furry companions!

Jasper is such a well-behaved and handsome fella!


Manitoba Tick & Heartworm Report, June 15th, 2020:
Of the proportion of veterinary tests reported in Manitoba so far this season:
– 296 dogs positive for Lyme disease
– 29 dogs positive for heartworm disease
– 129 dogs positive for Anaplasma
– 18 dogs tested positive for Ehrlichia

So great job making sure your pets are protected! This season is shaping up to have quite a few cases of tick and heartworm disease.

The Clinic and COVID-19
As the province of MB continues to move through the different phases of reopening our economy, we are aiming to keep pace at Seasons Veterinary Clinic and so we are so pleased to announce that we are able to have our clients back in the building again. We will continue to offer curb-side appointments with window visibility, so if you prefer to maintain a contactless approach, we can certainly do this for you. For in-clinic appointments we ask that you simply sanitize your hands when you enter the clinic, and either bring your own mask or take one of ours at the door ($1.00/mask). We recognize that maintaining a distance of 2 metres can be difficult as we examine your pet, so we will ask that you wear a mask at all times in the clinic, and we will be doing the same. We are so happy to have our clients back in the building again – it is much easier to work as a team in this dynamic!


Trivia Corner!

After a few months break, we are announcing the return of our much-anticipated Trivia Corner.

Want to be in on the monthly trivia? Please watch your mail for our printed newsletter that comes right to your home! Then, be the first to call with the right answer! 


Peach looks like she is listening up for the correct answers, and will be stiff competition at Trivia Corner!

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