June 2019 Newsletter

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Dr. Chisholm’s Top-Secret Summer Tips

If your dog gets stung by a wasp and their muzzle swells up, you will want some Benadryl (diphenhydramine) on hand. Quick-dissolve oral tablets are the easiest to administer. Check the label as it is available in several strengths. The doses we have listed below are using 25mg tablets. Dose: 2mg per kilogram (1mg per pound) every 8 hours for up to 2 days. Labrador retriever 30kg (66 lb). Dose is 2mg/kg x 30kg = 60mg. Give two 25 mg tablets. Beagle 10kg (22 lb). Dose is 2mg/kg x 10kg = 20mg. Give one 25mg tablet. Chihuahua 4kg (9lb). Dose is 2mg/kg x 4kg = 8mg. Give ½ of one 25mg tablet. If symptoms worsen or fail to improve within 30 minutes of the first dose, its time to call the vet! If the reaction to the sting causes swelling of the tongue or breathing difficulties, give the first dose and bring your dog to the vet immediately, as this could be the start of an anaphylactic reaction and can be fatal without hospitalization.

Seasons Veterinary Clinic Success Stories!

We had a very interesting and serious case come into our clinic in the last month which involved an adorable puppy named Nala. She had swallowed two socks and needed emergency surgery to remove one that had become lodged in her intestines! Nala’s owners acted quickly and brought her into the clinic for immediate treatment, which made the difference between life and death for this rambunctious puppy. Stay tuned for Nala’s full success story, as well as other interesting success stories from our clinic! You can find them under the “Success Stories” tab on our website (www.seasonsvetclinic.com), or on our Facebook and Instagram (@seasonsvetclinic)

Time to Start your Heartworm Prevention!

A friendly reminder that it is time to start your monthly heartworm prevention! Take advantage of our spring promo of a free exam with the purchase of a heartworm test and 6- month supply of heartworm or tick prevention. Offer ends June 30th. Call us if you have any questions about this offer!

May Newsletter Prize Winners

Congratulations to Jason’s owners and Winston’s owner on winning our May newsletter prizes! We hope you enjoy your goodies to Pronto’s Pizzeria!

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