July 2019 Newsletter

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Dr. Chisholm’s Top-Secret Summer Tips

Summertime is great for heading up to the cabin or beach with your furry friends. Many owners struggle with dogs that become car sick, which can put a damper on the excitement of any road trip. Gravol (dimenhydrinate) often helps to ease nausea and nerves that your dog may experience during car rides, making for a more pleasant and less stressful drive for both you and your dog. Instructions: Give quick-dissolve oral tablet(s) by mouth one hour before travel. It is available in 50mg tablets, and other strengths of tablets and liquids. Dose: 4mg per kilogram (2mg per pound) every 8 hours Labrador retriever 30kg (66 lb), dose is 120 mg. Give two 50mg tablets Beagle 10kg (22 lb), the dose is 40mg. Give one 50mg tablet. Chihuahua 5kg (11 lb), the dose is 22mg. Give half of a 50mg tablet. Do not exceed 2 tablets (100mg) per day Note: Gravol can often cause drowsiness.

New Seasons Vet Clinic Success Story – Pepper!

We have a new and intriguing success story from our clinic! Pepper is a bouncy pup who managed to get her paws on some rat poison. Thankfully, her watchful owners caught her with the empty rat poison bag and brought her into the clinic immediately. We are happy to announce that we were able to successfully treat her and that she is doing well, thanks to her owner’s quick action. Check out her success story “Vitamin K keeps the Rat Poison at Bay” to read more about this interesting case and how rat poison works in the body. You can find her success story on our website (Seasonsvetclinic.com) under the “About Us” tab, or on our Facebook and Instagram page (@seasonsvetclinic).

Free Dental Examinations!

We are making it easy to get a dental treatment plan. Dogs and cats do not get cavities nearly as often as people do. Instead, they are vulnerable to periodontal disease, which affects the attachment between the tooth’s root and the jaw. This can be apparent as gum recession, loose teeth and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). Sometimes there are no visible signs of bone loss, and it will only be seen with a dental X-ray. Home prevention includes brushing the teeth daily, dental food such as Hill’s TD, water additives such as healthymouth ™, and dental chews such as Greenies. Even the best homecare can only slow, not stop, the advance of dental disease. A professional dental procedure is the only way to give the teeth a clean start. Check out our website (Seasonsvetclinic.com) for more information about pet health and dental hygiene.

Question Corner!

Have a question about your pet’s health? Chances are, you are not the only one with that question! Call or email us with your pet health questions and we will try to answer them for everyone in our next newsletter. We appreciate your questions and would love to help you with all your pet’s needs!

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